Swing your way to a better golf technique with Swingchronicity, the new Virtual Reality experience from Cloud Rupture.

Nobody can see themselves from behind in real time. Not  a problem for most of us, most of the time. But as golfers know, your backswing is the KEY part of your game. But you can’t SEE it as you DO it.

You’ll also be able to see your body posture. You’re standing at the tee-off on a virtual golf course. After your shot, the path of your swing is left hanging in mid-air. Colour-coded indicators  show club head speed, club face angle, club head path, position of impact and angle of attack. Next time, with audio feedback and guidance, you adjust your angles to achieve optimum advantage.

You can show it to your coach, who can advise you on how to achieve your personal best. You can overlay the swings of World Champion  golfers and then match their winning swingplane. Swingchronicity is your virtual coach, bringing extra value to your game and boosting your skill factor.